Product Management Services


Competitor mapping, heatmaps and analysis.  Learn which competitors have which features and find out how your product compares.

Marketecture definition, technology maps and engineering stack recommendations for your idea.



Value proposition, benefit quantification, sales demo assistance.  Learn how to kill the sales demo.

Sales compensation assistance, forecasting and CRM tool selection and configuration.


Usability testing, use case, customer research and persona definition.  We learn who wants to use your product and why.  Ensure what you _want_ is what gets _built_

Feature and capability definition planning. We define the the major capabilities needed in your product and a path to delivery.


Build an offshore team (BYOT - Build Your Own Team) as if they were part of of your startup.  

Assistance with remote engineering sourcing, development, methodologies and project execution.


First call decks, marketing plans, marketing tactics for both direct and indirect sales channels.

Marketing collateral assistance and channel distribution.



Fundraising advice, strategies and tactics to get you to your Series A and beyond.